Buckner HeavyLift Cranes has partnered with the local Hawaii-owned company, American Piping & Boiler Co., to create the joint venture, APB Buckner, LLC. This joint venture was formed in response to the emphasis that Hawaii State Law has placed on power provided by clean resources. Wind power has grown on the island due to this initiative, with multiple wind farms completing construction in recent years. Buckner HeavyLift Cranes brings heavy equipment expertise and a large fleet of equipment to the table, while also including large equipment based permanently on the island. This, combined with American Piping & Boiler Co.’s skilled local labor, relationships with the community, knowledge of the local market, and years of on-island electrical construction experience, creates the ideal resource for any company exploring projects in Hawaii.


APB Buckner was officially founded in 2011. Previous to this, American Piping & Boiler Co. (APB) and Buckner HeavyLift Cranes (Buckner Heavylift) had collaborated by providing the heavy-lift expertise for the erection of Kahuku Wind Power, located on the North Shore of Oahu. Because of this positive relationship, APB and Buckner Heavylift chose to create this Hawaii-based LLC.

American Piping & Boiler Co. (APB), founded in 1965, started as a locally owned general/mechanical contractor based in Hawaii. APB is a uniquely diverse company, offering services ranging from providing on-site field tradesmen to boiler and pressure vessel fabrication and installation.

Buckner HeavyLift Cranes has provided over 70 years of reliable, high quality and safe services to the heavy commercial and industrial markets. Buckner HeavyLift has earned its place as a nationally recognized leader in the Heavylift Crane industry, with their goal being to create long-term relationships based upon confidence, trust and integrity.


Providing safe, logical, & experienced solutions to complex and demanding construction and heavy-lift crane projects, all while promoting environmental awareness. Specializing in heavy civil, electrical, mechanical, structural steel, and crane & rigging, APB Buckner offers a broad range of expertise to the Hawaiian Islands. By State Law, Hawaii must have 100 percent of its power be provided by clean resources by 2045. As part of this initiative, APB Buckner will provide localized equipment, specialized labor, and integrity to ensure your project is completed safely and cost effectively.


APB Buckner’s most valuable resource is its employees. All APB Buckner employees share a personal responsibility for their own safety, the safety of their co-workers, and their associated crafts. Throughout all of our jobs, efficiency, precision, and skill are what we strive to demonstrate daily. None of these benefits can accrue, however, unless we adhere to a strict dedication to safety. Our Safety and Risk Managers have many years of experience, both in the field and as leaders. This allows for expert input from all angles on the job. These same leaders believe that sharing the responsibility with their fellow employees creates open lines of communication that increases awareness throughout the various job teams.


Both APB and Buckner Heavylift have second and third generation employees within their companies, which results in a caring family dynamic. The resulting performances and attitudes have provided healthy working environments for our employees, as well as a reputation among our customers and peers as being a company that is extremely loyal to our word and will get the job done no matter what it takes. We choose to invest in our employees, knowing that our investments will create a lasting positive impact in both their lives and in the various industries we are a part of. We also make sure to offer multiple accreditation and training programs, which allow our employees to gain knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their peers.